Is it just me or…

Is the perception of deaf people not being that bright thoroughly undeserved, and really it’s the hearing people who are not that smart? Take for example, this email I received when I chased up something I hadn’t heard from in two months:

Hi Donna,

Would it be possible for you to send us a contact number for yourself,

I recall sending an email to you on the 1st of February asking for your details but unfortunately we have not seemed to have accepted anything yet, we will need you to call us to take some personal details and also we will need you to send us…

The whole reason I emailed them in the first place is because I’m deaf. This was explained to them, and they at least pretended to understand. Then they seem to have ignored my further emails, waiting for me to call them, and then forgotten about me altogether. Including the fact that I’m deaf. Deaf. D-E-A-F. *Bangs side of head for emphasis*

I replied, giving info and attaching a letter they had requested. This was the reply:

Ok that’s great, Could you please send this back to ********, along with a copy of the letter…

Followed quickly by another email:

Just noticed you did in fact attach the letter in the previous email, I’m very sorry about this…

This is what I put up with. This is what a lot of deaf people put up with. Crap service from people who just aren’t paying attention. It’s not good enough. And when will they let go of that desperate grip they seem to have on telephones?

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