Nepal, here I come!

This post finds me in reflective mood.

The last four weeks have been INSANE.

See the article I did for Limping Chicken (I’s a contributing editor now! Ooh, get me!) to get an idea of how insane. The first week of the launch of ‘Spit The Dummy’ I was far from home, rehearsing for a show with InteGreat Theatre at the SHOUT Festival on 1st March, but even from there I could see (and feel the heat) of some of the fireworks. The second and part of the third week went by in a blur of sugar soap, undercoat, tip runs and paint (but now the kitchen and dining room look be-yoo-tiful) and my iPhone glued to my hand. The last week or so I’ve been madly prepping for my Deaf Explorer trip, finally confirmed and now booked by yours truly, a crazy multi-stop bounce around the USA as I try to keep up with Flying Words Project who I’ll be meeting and chatting with (squeee!), can’t wait! And also prepping for Nepal.

Yes, that’s right, Nepal. For the last few months I’ve been part of Elmbury Expedition, a team raising funds for deaf schools in Nepal, themselves part of the Pahar Trust Nepal, a charity dedicated to building schools in remote areas of  Nepal. Right up my street – helping deaf kids in a poorer part of the world and I get to visit a beautiful country when we fly out to visit the schools and see where the money’s going. There’s a couple of good projects at the schools, and the fundraising events the team have held through the year have been greatly successful and of course we’re still aiming to raise more! By the way, here’s that JustGiving page link again 🙂

So why am I in reflective mood? Because tomorrow I fly out. I’m going to Nepal. I’m actually going to Nepal!

And I’ll be leaving behind the Facebook group that has occupied my every other waking moment for the last four weeks. In between the time I was sign-singing how much I detested someone (Everyday I Love You Less and Less is just a damn good tune) and dodging flying CDs (with mixed success) and clearing up plaster and painting doors, I was tapping at my iPhone (much to the decorator’s despair – I was supposed to be helping to save on labour costs :s) or on my laptop or attending meetings.

I think I may actually have to suppress a nervous twitch to check my phone.

Thankfully, the group has a fantastic team of admins in place, and of course I’m not leaving forever, I’m coming back on April 6th – then going away again to America on the 10th. Oh, that jet lag’s gonna be fun. And back again on the 27th to rejoin the admins – I was just starting to enjoy it 🙂

The passport is safe, the visa is attached, I’ve had my jabs, I have my passport-size photos and photocopy of passport ready for immigration when I land, my bag is mostly packed, my travel insurance is booked, my bank is notified, I know how to switch off my phone roaming, I have printouts of paperwork, is there anything, anything at all that I’ve forgotten?

Ah, yes – sleep!

2 thoughts on “Nepal, here I come!

  1. michaelwatsonvt

    From one East turning traveler to another, Congratulations! I look forward to hearing about your adventure.


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