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Signs of a Diva

What a brilliant show.

Signs of a Diva came to the Tobacco Factory, and Caro Parker played the lead – and only – role wonderfully, belting out classic power ballads one minute and taking us on her character’s journey to stardom and heartbreak the next. The captions were perfectly positioned above and centre of the stage, but they didn’t get in the way of the songs or the performance. They were clear, the timing was inch-perfect as the captions kept up with the monologue / lyrics, and the play itself was performed in both speech and sign language.

I’ve honestly never seen a more accessible piece of theatre – and as a bonus it was hugely enjoyable as well. Several songs have now been added to my iTunes list thanks to this show, though that can never compare with seeing them performed live by a talented and passionate performer. Long live Signs of a Diva!